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RV 4-inch Vent Kit with Louvered Cover

RVPC #16582
Mfg #VI422
Ship Wt: 2 LBS.

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RV Dryer Vent Kit

This high-quality Dryer Vent Kit includes:
  • a 1-piece 4 x 2 metallic flex duct,
  • 4 round inside collar for a finished look,
  • two 4 quality worm drive metal clamps
  • and a UV protected, weather resistant, exterior louver that is paintable to perfectly match your coach.

    The exterior vent has curved louvers that open easily for maximum flow and quiet operation.

  • The mounting screw holes are recessed for a clean appearance.
  • The 4 long tailpiece provides sufficient length to connect the flex ducting.
  • Engineered for RV use.
  • Cut-out size 4-1/8 x 4-1/4.
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